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SARCOMM is the acronym for Search & Rescue Emergency Communications, a division of Hudson County Urban Search & Rescue Inc. Operating on GMRS, LMR, HAM, MURS, monitoring CB and FRS.
Utilizing assocations with.
REACT - Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams. REACT of HCUSAR a newly chartered REACT member team. REACT is an international organization made up of volunteers who provide emergency communications to their communities in time of need, using CB, GMRS, and Amateur radio.
New Jersey Emergency Radio Network - New Jersey Emergency Radio Network (NJERN) is an alternate means of communication for people throughout the State of (New Jersey) area during an emergency. In the event of a neighborhood or area-wide power, telephone or Internet failure, NJERN can keep you in touch. NJERN uses Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios.
Hudson County Emergency Radio Network - (HCERN) A division of the NJERN we are HCERN's Official Moderator.
National SOS Network -
National SOS Radio Network plan, ham radio operators would rapidly relay the public's emergency needs to local and state authorities -- such as police and fire departments -- as well as to national rescue and relief agencies. As a natural extension of the National SOS Radio Network, all elements of government could also incorporate FRS radios into their communications systems -- for direct, immediate links to the public's emergency situations. In times of public crisis, the basic recommendation is for citizens to set their FRS radios on Channel 1 and transmit their emergency needs, and for ham radio operators to tune their receivers to 462.5625 MHz, the frequency that corresponds to FRS Channel 1. "Specific operational details will evolve as the National SOS Radio Network gains awareness".