Hudson County Emergency Radio Network

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The Hudson County Emergency Radio Network (ERN) is an alternate means of communication for people throughout Hudson County (New Jersey) area during an emergency. In the event of a neighborhood or area-wide power, telephone or Internet failure, HCERN can keep you in touch. HCERN uses Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios on channel 1, no subchannel. FRS and GMRS radios are those little handheld walkie-talkie radios that family and friends use to keep in touch at parks, on ski slopes and in malls. If there’s an emergency, tune your radio to channel 1. HCERN may be your pipeline to emergency help and information. HCERN is self-activating and doesn't require any special training or equipment, other than an inexpensive FRS or GMRS radio. When other communication networks go down, or if you need to communicate outside and your cell phone's not working, just tune your FRS or GMRS radio to channel 1 and talk. HCERN works a little like a relay, with people passing information down the line. HCERN works on the keep-it-simple principle. To join the HCERN Listserv, send an email to HCERN is part of the Emergency Radio Network and National SOS Radio Network