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Equipment Assets and Needs

Below are to list of equipment that Hudson County Urban Search & Rescue has or needs. Donations of any form are always welcome, we are a 501 c3 non-profit organization.

Why Donate.

We receive no government funding. Our budget is funded by donations from the public and yearly dues paid by our members. With rising cost of items today. We are in need of more donations. Any support that you can give is welcomed and appreciated. If you would like to make a donation of supplies instead of cash. We have listed some items below that we are in need of to continue to serve the people of Hudson County and beyond. Thank you for you support. And remember all donations are tax deductable.

Equipment Needed

Mountain Climbing gear


First aid supplies



Two-way Radio equipment

A 12 foot trailer

A 16 passenger van or bus

Heavy rescue equipment

Scuba gear

A 12 foot Box truck

Personal safety gear

Several gps units

Our equipment


10   UHF two-way radios 450-512mhz
7     UHF two-way radios 450-470mhz
12   GMRS bubblepack radios
1     VHF two-way radio
1     VHF mobile radio
3     UHF mobile radios
1     CB mobile radio
1     Gr1225 moble repeater
1     Base repeater
1     Gmrs repeater


1 10x10 Quickup tent - for command tent
1 9x9 Quickup tent - for communcations tent
1 8 person sleep tent attachment for quickup tent
1 8 person sleep tent
1 4 person sleep tent

Power Supplies

1 2400 watt generator
4 50 ft extension cords
1 100 ft extension cord


2 Full stocked medical jump kits
1 Defib
1 Portable suction unit
1 Reeves strecher
3 Back boards

Misc Supplies

1 170 quart size cooler
1 small portable propane grill
1 500 watt dual spot light tri-pod
1 5 light hanging string lighting cord